Küste tritt Großstadt.

Küstenkind mit Großstadtambitionen!


Look closely at the top photo, but don’t listen to your brain. It wants to see a Scarlet Macaw parrot perched on a stump, but it’s really a woman disguised by an awesome combination of amazing body painting and careful posing.

This masterful optical illusion is the work of Italian fine-art-bodypainter Johannes Stötter (previously featured here), who spent four weeks painstakingly planning the project.

"It then took him several hours to complete the painting itself, using breathable paint to transform the model’s body into a mind-blowing piece of artwork. After another hour of careful positioning and posing, Stötter snapped the photograph that you see here."

Visit Johannes Stötter’s website to check out more of his incredible artwork.

[via My Modern Metropolis]


Most Lovable Street Art

Streetart as streetart should be…

Paint with all the colours of the wind…

(Quelle: m.flickr.com)